Spring on Vancouver Island

the ecoisland.ca project

As a child, I grew up in the rural community of Sooke, and revelled in the forests, ran barefoot on the beaches, biked and hiked the local trails, and swam in the local rivers and ocean.


In 2006, the ecoisland.ca project found new purpose with my partner Steve. Both working on computers and spending most of our week days inside, staring at a screen, we decided to use the ecoisland.ca project as an excuse to get outdoors, do photography together (our second passion), and meet like-minded people with ideals of environmentally-friendliness.

~ Caprina Valentine

an eco-market

Ecoisland.ca focuses on the eco-tourism aspects and opportunities of Vancouver Island's tourism industry.

it has been developed to cater to the environment-minded tourist.

Open links to other sites promote a healthy web community, as well as fairly promote members. Important general travel information accompanies the niche-specific ecotourism information.

join us!

If you have a business or service related to ecotourism on Vancouver Island, you should contact us to be included!

Please email us your business name, phone number, website address, and a brief description of how you actively promote environmental awareness in your business.

We will be posting an online and printable form soon!

Caprina Valentine
(250) 360-1306